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  • You need to create an account so that your work can be stored and retrieved at a later time. Regardless of what email address you use to create your account, your information will be kept confidential. There is information such as your company’s gross annual revenue that will be requested within the assessment. In light of this, you are welcome to use a private account to register instead of your company email address. Examples of private accounts would be Gmail, Hotmail, or other accounts that do not include your name or a company identifier. Whichever email account you choose, please ensure that this is an account you will monitor, as the LOLA research team will be using this email to contact you about new information that arises out of the project.

  • Your email address is also the username you will use to log in.
  • Specify what you want your password to be, in any format or length you wish. Passwords are case-sensitive.